We realize your visions

At PMA this is not only a slogan, but rather our demand. We implement your visions into unique lighting systems with comfortable control systems.
We have planned, designed and installed complete new state-of-the-art systems in the last years especially for the outdoor area. The beginning was made with the revolutionary LED railing lighting of the MY Rising Sun.  In 2012 we sat new standards with the exterior lighting of the MY TOPAZ.

For the MY TOPAZ the owner's vision of a new unique lighting was taken up and implemented. First the technical feasibility was verified, then followed by planning, design, delivery and installation as well as commissioning and handover – all from one source. 

We have installed:
  • more than 1200 lighting channels in more than 300 seawater suitable bodies
  • more than 3500 m LEDs
  • more than 30 sq table surface lighting with more than 100.000 RGB-LEDs
  • and many more
The entire lighting can be operated through the new designed APP "PMA System Control" with just a fingertip. 

Let YOUR visions shine - with PMA.

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