The right way.

We develop optimized cable runs for all electrical and electronic systems. Hereby we rely on state of the art hard- and software and we use our software constantly adapted to the latest demands. 

Upon results obtained from cable planning and from additional information like:
  • coordination plans
  • integration plans
  • installation drawings
  • system description
We build a virtual 3D-cable routing model including all cable trays and penetrations as well as starting and finishing points. Based on this modul the cable routing is executed; we furthermore control in real time the occupancy of cable trays and supports and we choose alternative routing where appropriate.

On site the installer accesses cable data via an innovate PMA Data Management Program. Thus he can freely assemble cable lists for the installation. Check-back signals about the cable status ensure the continuous control of the work progress. In this way the timely completion of sectors can be planned optimally and short-term changes can quickly be implemented.

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