PORTRAIT Peter Meyer †

In Memoriam 

Peter Meyer, our founder, leader and archetype, past away on 16th of April 2011 after a long illness. His entrepreneurial spirit and his energy have coined PMA even beyond his death. 

Therefore it is us, the employees of PMA, a necessity to commemorate him here with a short resume.

Peter Meyer
* 23th February 1948 † 16th April 2011

Born and raised in Weener.
His occupation took him to remote places, but he always remained firmly rooted in Ostfriesland.

04.1965 - 09.1968 Apprenticeship as an Electro Mechanic

10.1968 - 09.1972 Temporary career soldier with service at the NATO Military Headquarters SHAPE in Belgium

10.1972 - 06.1974 Technical school in Emden, graduated as certified technician

10.1974 - 12.1977 First contacts with shipbuilding at the shipbuilding yard Schulte und Bruns in Emden. He always loved the sea and was immediately fascinated by the shipbuilding profession. From now on this fascination started to shape his life.

01.1981 Employed at the Meyer Werft GmbH in Papenburg until his self-employment. Here he worked his way up with diligence, accomplishment, loyalty and knowledge to the post of Division Manager of the Electronic Department 'Low Voltage'.

In September 2000, he took the plunge into self-employment and founded the PETER MEYER Project Management • Adviser GmbH. He wanted to bring his ideas and visions into fruition. His unique devotion to the customer and his high standards to meet the tasks to the highest satisfaction of all involved parties were - and still are - target settings for our performance. His credo was: “We do not want to be the cheapest, but the best!”

The concerns of his community were in addition to his professional commitments close to his heart. This became evident by his personal and financial support to various social and sporting activities.

We will always remember him and his achievements and with all our devotion and the same self-sacrifice we will continue his legacy.

This is our promise to you, Peter!

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