In Memoriam

Peter Meyer – A biographical profile

Peter Meyer, company founder, leader and role model, passed away on 16 April 2011 after a severe illness.
His entrepreneurship and energy continues to inspire PMA to this day.

Therefore, it is our desire to keep
his memory with this portrait.

We will always remember him and his efforts, and will always do our best to perpetuate his legacy.

This is our promise to You, Peter!


* 23.02.1948 † 16.04.2011

Born and raised in Weener, a small town in East Frisia (Northern Germany).
Due to his work he travelled around the world
but his heart always remained at home.


In September 2000 he took the plunge to become independent and founded PETER MEYER Project Management • Adviser GmbH, to fulfill his ideas and visions. His great commitment towards our customers and his need to fulfill his tasks to perfection, was and still is our main standard. His credo was: “We don’t want to be the cheapest but the best!”

Besides his commitment to the company, he dedicated his time to the wellbeing of his home town. He gave personal and financial support to social institutions and sporting facilities.

04.1965 – 09.1968

Apprenticeship as a certified Electromechanic.

10.1968 – 09.1972

Soldier in the German Bundeswehr at the NATO-Military-Headquarters SHAPE in Belgium.

10.1972 – 06.1974

Attended technical college in Emden, graduating as a state-certified engineer.

10.1974 – 12.1977

First insights into the world of shipbuilding at the Schulte und Bruns shipyard in Emden. He always loved the water and from the first moment he was fascinated. This experience stood out for the rest of his life.


Until becoming independent he worked for the Meyer Werft GmbH in Papenburg. Through his performance, sacrifice, loyalty and know-how he reached the position of department manager “Low Voltage”.