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– Unique lighting solutions –

We offer you lighting for almost every location and situation, from the engine room to outside areas, guest and crew-areas. We also reengineer standard lighting to maritime standards. Whether it’s downlights, technical lighting or LED-lines.

PMA lighting systems

We implement your vision into unique lighting systems with easy to use system controls.

Particularly for outside areas, we have created trendsetting systems in the last couple of years. A start was made with revolutionary LED-Rail-Lighting. In 2012 we set new standards with exterior lighting for a major contract.

We implemented the owner’s vision of new individual lighting on a new project. After the feasibility had been established, we did the planning, construction, delivery and installation, as well as the launch and handover – everything as a one-stop solution.


For the lighting control systems, we utilise various platforms such as KNX, DMX, DALI and Lutron. Our highly trained professionals will support you in each and every case. The planning and design work is completed at PMA’s offices, and the components are then manufactured to our precise specifications.

Programmable lighting can be integrated into these platforms, as well as window blinds and air conditioning controls.

These controls can be operated by, for example, buttons or a touch screen, or alternatively we can implement controls via smartphones or tablet-PCs.

PMA System Control App

Die Applikation System Control von PMA, kurz SysCon App, bietet Ihnen in Kombination mit der entsprechenden Hardware und Programmierung von PMA eine neue Dimension an Bedienfreundlichkeit, Übersicht und Geschwindigkeit.

Sie steuern mit der Multifunktionsfernbedienung:

  • Beleuchtung
  • Klimaanlage und Heizung
  • Entertainment und Multimediasysteme
  • Beschattungs-, Verdunkelungsanlagen

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